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I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”

REGIPIO is an unconventional way of acquiring the most difficult aspects of learning languages through games and fun. It is games made from teachers’ inspirations, according to their ideas, based on their experience in teaching new languages.

Games are destined for both youngers and adults, beginners and more advanced students.

They are for all wanting their learning not to be an exhausting acquiring vocabulary and grammar but an activity that inspires, stimulates imagination, creativity. They are games that make learning effective.

You no longer associate learning languages with an effort and a burden, but with pleasure and fun!

REGIPIO game are:

EFFECTIVE - By learning through games you memorize rules instinctively, learn intuitively discovering how easy is to understand something you have always had problems with.

You start speaking because you want to be better than your rival, you speak correctly because you are eager to get another point.

FUN - By playing with others, competing and gaining points you laugh and have fun. Chances and traps are waiting for you and your rival . It adds emotions and sensations to games .

CONTENT-RELATING - games are worked out by experienced teachers and philologists.

REGIPIO games develop: grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills.


The first inspiration for games creating was a repetitive problem with understanding the differences between English tenses. Games based on „key” words were an idea of an English teacher and his great achievements with this method.

Simultaneously the works on irregular verbs puzzle were lasting. They are troublesome to memorize, especially for Polish students. Numerous times teachers cut out hand made puzzle from the paper to show student how irregular verbs change. Now they do not need to!

REGIPIO games meet these challenges. This is how this story began.

REGIPIO Calendar

22-25.05.2014 r. – REGIPIO at Warsaw Book Fair at the National Stadium

9-11.05.2014r. – REGIPIO at the Foreign languages Conference PASE in Warsaw University Library

05.03.2014r. – Launching new games: the third for tenses learning: – Future Simple or Present Continuous? and a game for improving speaking skills – Beat About The Bush.

28.02-02.03.2014r. – REGIPIO at the International Book Fair for Children and Youth in Poznan

15.02-29.02.2014 r. – Radio for You Competition, destined for families spending their winter holidays in the city, where REGIPIO funded games

06.02.3013 r. – REGIPIO at the PASE Conference which was held in Warsaw

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